Vince & Michelle 11/14/2009
Go Irish! (updated 12/29/2012)
ND Faithful, I am looking for help! I'm doing this as a surprise, but I am trying everything possible (including making this webpage) in a desperate attempt to find 1 ticket for my husband as a surprise gift. I can guarantee there will be no re-sale (I know how much of a concern this is to alumni).

My husband, Vince Cano (Class of '08), deserves this so much. He is working nearly 60 hours most weeks to support me while I finish school at Indiana. He is the biggest Notre Dame fan I have ever met - he's even made 50 of the last 54 home games in ND stadium through the help of generous friends.) He is first generation domer, but coming from Irish Catholic background, the family grew up on ND

If you happen to know of anyone w/ one ticket, even the day before the game, please email me at michellecano03 at, or text/call me at 937 839 2266, or click here to send me or an email through this webpage. . Thanks again, and Go Irish!!!